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Once again, I find myself coming back to WordPress and considering how to use it better. I’ve allowed it to lie fallow on more than one occasion but it’s formatting options remain attractive over other SNS. Initially, the idea of the blog was making posts about visual artists working in music and musicians working in the visual arts. It was my hope to report on the projects and people where these disciplines crossover and the results of such projects. Now, I have become a part of that crossover. I find myself more active in music with the visual arts still having an important and supporting role. I remain enthusiastic about both.


Partial view of my home studio w/elements of Logic 9

I now have three record labels following my SoundCloud account which has been an encouraging but surprising development. Maybe in the back of my head I was hoping that this would happen but I wasn’t doing anything to actively seek it out. Read the rest of this entry »


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