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Sound & Space

The San Francisco Symphony has been doing a variety of programs in order engage the audience with a multi-dimensonal experience called SoundBox. Their goal is to introduce young people to classical music and heighten the experience with a visual presentation.

“Also using real-time reverberation and spatialization algorithms, this sound engineering solution tricks our brains into perceiving vastly different acoustic spaces. Add comfortable, if scarce, seating, evocative video projections, blue-and-green mood lighting, and of course alcoholic libations, and you might have created [a] kind of alternative venue…”

SoundBox at S.F. Symphony | Concert Review | SFCV.


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The Invisible Lighthouse

While I wasn’t looking a lighthouse disappeared and Thomas Dolby did a movie and concert event about it. J.J. Abrams called it “touching…evocative…beautiful”. Here, more of the way music and arts works together. I can’t say I’m a dispassionate bystander. I got to meet Mr. Dolby on his “Sole Inhabitant” tour in 2006 and chatted with him for a while. Very genuine guy but he’s relocated to England after keeping his studio in a boat (The Nutmeg) on his property in Malibu. Very conscious of the rising sea levels, this newer project addresses this as well. The tour came to America in the Spring of 2014. More out there if you thrash around for it.


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Sarah Michelson: 4 | Whitney Museum of American Art

Sarah Michelson: 4 | Whitney Museum of American Art.

For the culmination of her Devotion series, a dance titled 4, choreographer Sarah Michelson worked with curator Jay Sanders and curatorial assistant Greta Hartenstein to create a dance floor composed of 220 original paintings. 

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