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Penda’s “Soundwave” In China With 500 steel fins

The “Soundwave” completed in 2015, is a landscape sculpture by Beijing & Vienna-based practice Penda, serving as a visual representation of a solidified moment of motion. Movement of the visitors produces musical tones that resonate throughout the park.
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Sound & Space

The San Francisco Symphony has been doing a variety of programs in order engage the audience with a multi-dimensonal experience called SoundBox. Their goal is to introduce young people to classical music and heighten the experience with a visual presentation.

“Also using real-time reverberation and spatialization algorithms, this sound engineering solution tricks our brains into perceiving vastly different acoustic spaces. Add comfortable, if scarce, seating, evocative video projections, blue-and-green mood lighting, and of course alcoholic libations, and you might have created [a] kind of alternative venue…”

SoundBox at S.F. Symphony | Concert Review | SFCV.


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“Sensing Streams” Ryuichi Sakamoto & Daito Manabe

Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic Waves – Representation

An installation titled “Sensing streams – Invisible, Inaudible”. the work of the collaboration between media artist Daito Manabe and famed musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, collected the Excellence Award for the art division. The piece, a visual representation of different spectrums of electromagnetic waves using a massive self-luminous, high-definition screen, and large speakers, was originally created for the Sapporo International Art Festival 2014 and more recently on display in 2015 at the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo. More information can be obtained by visiting the Japan Media Arts Home.


Visual Representation of Electromagnetic Waves for Japan Media Arts Festival Exhibit


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The Invisible Lighthouse

While I wasn’t looking a lighthouse disappeared and Thomas Dolby did a movie and concert event about it. J.J. Abrams called it “touching…evocative…beautiful”. Here, more of the way music and arts works together. I can’t say I’m a dispassionate bystander. I got to meet Mr. Dolby on his “Sole Inhabitant” tour in 2006 and chatted with him for a while. Very genuine guy but he’s relocated to England after keeping his studio in a boat (The Nutmeg) on his property in Malibu. Very conscious of the rising sea levels, this newer project addresses this as well. The tour came to America in the Spring of 2014. More out there if you thrash around for it.


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Women In Sonic Art

female:pressure” (a.k.a.) V I S I B I L I T Y  via Tumblr is an international network of over 1300 female artists from 64 countries in the wider fields of electronic music. This blog was inspired by Bjork’s Pitchfork article in January 2015 where she notes the lack of photographic documentation of women at work in the studio. Here we offer a visual catalogue of female producers, DJ’s, media artists and electronic music performers at work. These are not our press photos. This is a collective effort to demonstrate women and their use of technology in music and media production. Contributions welcome!



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Making Music from Migrants’ Items

“Efigy” by Richard Misrach



American photographer Richard Misrach and Mexican composer Guillermo Galindo are two artists who have come together to depict the migrant experience on the Mexican/US border. Richard has spent 15 years taking pictures of items left behind by migrants. Then he met Guillermo who was making music about the migrant experience. Richard now collects pieces he finds and sends them to Guillermo who turns them into instruments.

BBC World Service – Outlook, Making Music

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Björk Show at MoMA Is Bad, Really Bad – artnet News

Bjork at MoMA

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Björk Show at MoMA Is Bad, Really Bad – artnet News.

“There has been an immense volcano building up under the Museum of Modern Art for some time, a well of rage from old-school art fans about its turn towards commerce and celebrity and tourism. The current Björk show, celebrating the Icelandic songstress as, in the words of curator Klaus Biesenbach in the catalogue, an “era-defining artist,” will very likely be occasion for an eruption. You may expect an immense Eyjafjallajökull-sized ash-plume of critical bile to appear over midtown any second now. Because, ladies and gentlemen, this show is bad.”

Disappointing but I have it from 1st hand accounts also.

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